For generations Camerons the world over have enjoyed hiking. In Ontario we meet to walk on the Bruce Trail, and other scenic locations. Many of our traditions have been added over the years. Sometimes we include clan regalia, and often we share stories and other pieces of Cameron culture. We invariably toast Donald Cameron of Lochiel, XXVII chief of Clan Cameron. By hiking together we known each other better and strengthen our bonds, and the trail normally ends at a nearby inn or pub. We always have fun, no matter the season! When we get together the part of us that we have in common shines brightly, and brings out the best in us. Hiking in Ontario is great, but over time something in our past seemed to call out for more.

Creach (pronounced crech) is a Gaelic word meaning to plunder or steal, most notoriously the lifting of cattle. It is an ancient highland custom that our ancestors practiced for many generations. They succeeded brilliantly together! But in recent years we have fallen out of practice. Our skills have rusted and many have softened. In modern times most Camerons and those of the related Septs have earned reputations as law abiding citizens! But there is a part of us that was never meant to stay on the beaten trail, our thirst for adventure. This was how Cattle Reiving was reborn in Ontario.

Today we gather annually to hike, test our wits and end up back at the inn, hopefully with more cows than anyone else. Many from the Ontario Branch of the Clan Cameron have enjoyed Cattle Reiving in recent years. Young and old have put themselves to the test, and enjoyed a great day of fresh air. The men still have what it takes. But some of the women from the Clan Cameron have met and even exceeded all others in the field!

Even with the challenge added to our traditions we wanted more, from ourselves and from the day. The Clan Cameron never shines so vividly as when we are beside other great Clans and Septs. So the challenge was put to the others in Ontario. We have hiked alongside, laughed with, reived and been plundered by people from clans Elliot, Graham, Keith, Rattry, Robertson and Wallace. The MacFarlanes have answered the challenge too. We have made friends and some worthy rivals. They have their own traditions and prowess, and we never would have become this good without them. Besides, how many times could we take our own wee coo's?

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